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The aim of the SABIOM project is to obtain new superabsorbent materials which could be used in agriculture for water reserving and soil conditioning, starting with biopolymers and using especially green chemistry methods. The superabsorbent materials which will be prepared will also have the capacity of active agrochemical delivery to the plants in order to protect them against different diseases or to enhance their growth.

The novelty of this project is the use of bacterial cellulose and other biopolymers in order to obtain superabsorbent hydrogels. This choice was determined by the fact that the majority of the superabsorbent polymers used as commercial products are synthetic polymers, as cross linked polyacrylates or polyacrylamide, and hydrolyzed cellulose polyacrylonitrile (PAN) or starch-PAN graft copolymers.

This project is enrolled in the research efforts devoted to develop natural-based superabsorbent polymers starting with polysaccharide and polypeptides (proteins).

Main objectives

▪ The first aim of the project is to obtain superabsorbent polymers which can be used in agriculture for water reserving and soil conditioning, starting from biopolymers and using especially green chemistry methods in superabsorbent materials synthesis.

▪ The second objective is to obtain biodegradable superabsorbent materials with agrochemical controlled delivery properties.

Expected results

▪ Developing the technology for new superabsorbent materials that could be used in agriculture in order to enhance the survival of plants by water delivering and their growth by agrochemicals delivering.

▪ Dissemination of the results by publishing research articles in ISI peer-reviewed journals and participating at International Conferences in the project domain.

▪ Identification of intellectual properties rights.

Project consortium

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  University Politehnica of Bucharest CO  UPB  UNI

 Anicuța Stoica, PHD

Associated Professor

  National Institute of Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry – INDCP – ICECHIM Bucharest P1  ICECHIM  INCD

Andrei Sârbu,


  Research centre and processing for medicinal  plants “PLANTAVOREL” SA  P2  PLANTAVOREL  SACD

Carmen Țebrencu,