About us

In the last 5 years, the National Institute of Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry – INCDCP ICECHIM Bucharest had the following annual average activity:


▪ Research running projects: 80;

▪ Published articles in ISI Journal: 60;

▪ Accepted Patents: 7;

▪ Patent asking: 14;

▪ Scientific communications at international conferences and symposia : 90;

▪ International awards or diploma: 14;

▪ Books and book chapters: 5.

The institute is involved in many European projects and in other international cooperations.



National Institute of Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry,

202, Spl. Independenţei, 060021 Bucharest , Romania

Tel. 004021-315.32.99

Fax: 004021-312.34.93


Main research area

A. Applied research for new products and technologies in the following fields:

▪ bioresources valorization;

▪ nanosciences and nanomaterials;

▪ environmental protection and sustainable management of resources;

▪ increasing competitiveness of industrial products;

▪ refurbishment and revitalization of the Romanian chemical and petrochemical industry;

▪ recovery, recycling and valorization of by-products.

B. Basic fundamental and oriented research, made to deepen and increase knowledge in the following areas:

▪ reaction mechanisms, chemical kinetics, organometallic catalysts, electrochemistry, unit operations modeling, sonochemistry.

C. Analytical research

People involved in the project

Andrei SÂRBU, PhD – Project Supervisor –

– Senior researcher first degree ( CS I)

Chim. Fanica BACALUM – Senior researcher (CS I)

Emil STEPAN, PhD – Senior researcher (CS I)

Stanca CAPITANU, PhD – Senior researcher ( CS I)


Eng. Monica DULDNER – Senior researcher ( CS II)

Eng. Stela IANCU – Senior researcher ( CS II)

Chim. Liliana SÂRBU – Senior researcher ( CS II)

Eng. Inna Georgeta TRANDAFIR – Senior researcher ( CS II)


Eng. Sanda Maria DONCEA – Senior researcher ( CS II)


Eng. Steluta APOSTOL – Scientific researcher ( CS III)

Irina DUMITRU (FIERASCU), PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)


Radu-Claudiu FIERASCU, PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)


Anita-Laura CIRIPOIU, PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)

Stefan-Ovidiu DIMA, PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)

Tanta-Verona IORDACHE, PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)

Anamaria ZAHARIA (LUNGU), PhD – Scientific researcher ( CS III)

Eng. Raluca SENIN – Scientific researcher


Teodor SANDU, PhD – Scientific researcher

Antoaneta IORDACHESCU – Subengineer


Eugen DOMINTEANU – Technician


Stelian CIOACA – Technician


Marioara BERBEC – Technician



Research team from ICECHIM

Research domain

The team involved in this project is now running an ERANET project: Innovative materials for waste water purification systems to be installed in tourist and other small polluting objectives on the Black Sea coast- IMAWATCO and a Bilateral Interacademic Cooperation with the University of Liège: Nanocomposites polymériques inorganiques-organiques ayant des propriétés magnétiques et électriques spéciales, à base des poudres obtenues par spray drying-NAPOMEL.

Last year the same team finished two bilateral cooperation projects: Hybrid inorganic-organic polymer nanocomposites precursors for advanced materials-HIOPONAPAM, a RO-BG bilateral project and Host-guest synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic polymer nanocomposites for special ceramics –SIGONAPOL, a RO-FR Brancusi project. In the activity of the team, there were some national projects in which there were studied inorganic-organic composites or nanocomposites: CEEX project: Hybrid inorganic-organic nanostructures based on serpentine and vinyl polymers, for advanced composites obtaining – NAHANOSCA (2005-2008) and Partnership project: Ceramic foams from polymer nanocomposites, for the treatment of flow gas streams released by thermo-power stations- SPUCERCET (2008- 2011).

Also, the team was involved in researches about the water pollutants: Molecularly imprinted polymers as support for the building of enzymatic biosensors aimed for monitoring of some water pollutants – PIMBEMOPA (CEEX project 2005- 2008) and Biosensors based on covalently immobilized enzymes on polymers, useful for nitrates and nitrites monitoring in waters for human consumption- BIOENZINIT- (Partnerships project 2008-2011).

All these, together with a well balanced composition of the team, with 5 young PhDs, a PhD student and 3 specialists in organic chemistry, having an appropriate infrastructure, make this team particularly qualified for research on producing and characterization of new hybrid hydrogel structures based on bacterial cellulose and reticulated acrylic polymers for agriculture uses.

Research infrastructure

Nr. crt

Equipment name

Short description


High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Agillent Technologies (SEC- size exclusion chromatography)

HPLC 1200 Series with refractive index detector (RID) and fluorescence detector (FD from SHIMADZU), isocratic pump, organic column and aqueous column with polystyrene and dextran standards. Detection and quantification of small and macromolecular substances, calculation of molecular mass (by GPC)


pH-meter /conductometer Jenway 3540

Measurement of pH and conductivity of solutions using a single electrode


Rheometer Rheotest RV 2.1 with coaxial cylinders and cone-plate Germany

Viscosity measurement of materials (liquids, gels, pastes)


UV-VIS Spectrometer

Jenway 6300

Measurement of absorbance/transmittance of solutions in the 300-1000 nm wavelength range.


Environmental Scanning Electronic Microscope FEI Quanta 200 (ESEM)

Morphological and structural properties of materials


Particle size, molecular weight and Z potential measuring system (by dynamic light scattering) Zetasiser Nano ZS (DLS)

Measurements of particle size and Z potential of solid particles, emulsions and microemulsions.


TA Q5000 IR Instrument (TGA)

Thermo-gravimetrical analyzer which investigates the thermal degradation behavior


TA Q2000 Instrument (DSC)

Differential scanning calorimeter which underlines the characteristic physical/chemical processes taking place as the material undergoes specific thermal treatments.


SDT Q600 Instrument (Simultaneous DSC-TGA) coupled with Thermo Star GSD 301T Mass Spectrometer

Simultaneous thermo-gravimetrical analyzer and differential scanning calorimeter coupled with mass spectrometer for detection and quantification of degradation residues during decomposition of materials


FTIR Brucker Tensor 37 Photo Spectrometer with Golden Gate ATR device

Structural characterization of solid materials as KBR pallets or using the ATR unit.


UV-VIS Nicolet Evolution 500 Photo Spectrometer

Measurement of absorbance/transmittance of solutions in the 200-1000 nm wavelength range


Freeze Dryer Alpha 1-2 LD Plus

Lyophilisation or cryodesiccation – dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material


Ultrasonic processor

Homogenization of Dispersions, Suspensions or Solutions


Hettich Universal 320 Centrifuge 9000 rpm

Separation of Dispersions, Suspensions


Elemental Analyzer – Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II CHNS/O Analyzer

Identification and quantifications of constituent elements within organic materials: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen.


Gas-Chromatograph Perkin Elmer Clarus 500

Detection and quantification of degradation residues during decomposition of materials


AFM Microscope MULTIMODE-8-AM Type

Morphological and structural properties of materials


Optical Microscope NOVEX

Morphological and structural properties of materials

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Selected publications

Publications in ISI Journals (2000-2013)

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Brevete si cereri de brevet

1. RO Patent 121284/2007, Agent biocid si procedeu de obtinere a materialelor textile cu actiune biocida selectiva de lunga durata, Autori: Andrei Sârbu, Victoria Cosmin, Ion Udrea, Viorica Amariutei, Vasilica Bercea, Gabriela Balan, Floarea Pricop, Liliana Sârbu, Mariana Vamesu

2. RO Patent 123276/2010, Membrane polimerice continand enzime imobilizate covalent pe polimeri imprentati molecular si procedeu de obtinere a acestora, Autori: Udrea Ion, Sârbu Andrei, Nechifor Gheorghe, Radu Gabriel Lucian, Beda Mariana, Sârbu Liliana, Neata Marian, Mihalache Nicoleta

3. RO Patent 123280 / 2011, Procedeu de obtinere a fibrelor de acetat de celuloza cu enzime imobilizate covalent, Autori: Andrei Sârbu, Ion Udrea, Liliana Sârbu, Mariana Beda.

4. RO Patent126952-A2/2012, Bicomponent composite with polymeric matrix for the thermal rehabilitation of buildings Patent Assignee: Dobre T; Sârbu A; Stroescu M C; Stoica A, Inventor(s): Dobre T., Stroescu M.C., Stoica A., Sârbu A., Dima St. O., Udrea I., Melinte S.A., Costantin Silviana, Ionescu S.

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